Fracking Veto Countdown

Only 4 days left for the Gov. to veto the fracking bill. Here are four more reasons she should veto the bill (as if she needs anymore.) 

1. Eight of the 15 seats on the Mining and Energy Commission are appointed by the pro-fracking legislature. Only three are conservation related and those seats are also appointed by the Speaker and Senate Pro Tem. Sounds like an industry dominated board if you ask us.

2. The bill fails to require the disclosure of chemicals considered "trade secrets." Considering most of the chemicals are "trade secrets" this provision threatens public health.

3.  A new peer reviewed study published in the journal, Ground Water predicts that fracking fluids can migrate into aquifers within years. This is a serious concern in North Carolina where shale gas reserves are closer to water supplies.

4. More than 40,000 citizens have asked the Governor to not frack North Carolina.


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