A Note on Rep. Hamilton's Priorities

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As many of you know, last night was an infinitely distressing one in the North Carolina General Assembly. In an apparently accidental vote, SB 820, the fracking bill, was passed by overriding Governor Bev Perdue's veto. Now, obviously, Rep. Carney's vote for the override is what everyone is talking about, but let's take a moment here to discuss Susi Hamilton's pro-fracking vote--something that came as a surprise to most of us.

Hamilton, who had even signed the letter to Gov. Perdue asking her to veto SB 820, voted to legalize the bill in the override. Unfortunately, it seems Hamilton, who only weeks ago was recognized as a friend to the environment by the NC League of Conservation Voters with their "Rising Star" award, has her priorities in the wrong place. Evidently, she sold her vote in exchange for tax incentives for the Wilmington film industry. Today, the NC LCV rescinded her award.

What you can do: Call Rep. Hamilton's office in Raleigh, and tell her how deeply disappointed we are with her actions. She needs to know.

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