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Christa and I had a great trip out to Eastern North Carolina on Monday.

We started out by having a meeting with Rep. Marian McLawhorn. She has been a great friend to the Sierra Club and was very responsive to our issues. We look forward to continue to work with her in the coming years.

Next, Christa met with folks interested in getting more involved with lobbying, while I met with some folks interested in working to make New Bern a 'Cool City.'

I am looking forward to helping those folks make it happen, as I would be interested in working with people in any community across North Carolina on this important project.

We capped the evening with a speech to a large gathering of Cypress Group members. I was particularly happy to find out out that they too have a new blog, which you can see here.

Kudos to Bill All for his work in getting that started.

The Sierra Club leaders in Greenville have done a great job on Cool Cities, and it appears their community will sign on some time next month. Many folks are responsible for this but we are particularly grateful to high school senior Aaron Seyfried who got the ball rolling and has been a great leader throughout the process. It's a true Sierra Club success story.

Thanks to everyone we visited with Monday, but most particularly Bill and Ginny Kloepfer for their hard work and hospitality in welcoming us to Greenville.

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