Capital Group speaking out on Raleigh/Wake County development issues

One of the best things Sierra Club groups across the state do is take leadership on growth issues in their local communities. It's the kind of thing that's hard for our organization to really dictate from Raleigh, making the work our leaders do on the ground that much more important.

No group in the state has taken more of an interest in local development issues than the Capital Group in Raleigh, so when NBC 17 wanted to do a series of stories on growth in the Triangle, they turned to them.

One story was about the clear cutting of trees, and Capital Group Conservation Chair Tim Reed was interviewed about the group's work on that issue, which we wrote about earlier here.

It seems to be the time for working on Tree Protection ordinances across the state! When I was in Winston-Salem last week several folks there told me about the work they are doing there, and I just finished serving on a committee reevaluating our ordinance in Chapel Hill.

I guess Sierrans across the state are going to perpetuate the stereotype of us being treehuggers in 2007. No shame there as far as I'm concerned!

Tim was also featured in a story about the Planning Commission and how the development process works in Raleigh.

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