What's going on in North Carolina tonight? The Sierra Club's going on!

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how I was amused to find that someone googling what's going on in Raleigh tonight? found that the first hit that came up was a post from our blog about a tree ordinance hearing in Raleigh.

Well it turns out that Raleigh is not the only place in North Carolina where the number one thing happening tonight is the Sierra Club.

This weekend folks trying to answer the question what's going on in Greensboro tonight were directed to speak out for Land for Tomorrow.

What's going on in Winston-Salem tonight? The first hit implores you to come hear me speak about making your local community a Cool City.

Someone looking for information on what to do in Chapel Hill tonight found that the second hit encouraged them to speak out for the Greenbridge development, which has been officially endorsed by the Orange/Chatham Group and will go for a final vote on February 26th.

I was talking about this to Donna Fisk, one of our wonderful leaders both at the chapter level and for the Pisgah Group in Western North Carolina, and she thinks that this phenomenon is really intended to send people a sign. I agree. The Sierra Club is what's going on across North Carolina, and if that's what google gives you on a Friday night, it's time for you to get involved!

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