Happy Paczki Day!

If you're not from the Midwest you probably have no clue what I'm talking about.

I've found that the cultural differences between southeastern Michigan, where I grew up, and North Carolina are not that great.

Except for this one day of the year.

Today is not Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday in my lexicon, it is Paczki Day!

A Paczki is a Polish sort of jelly donut. We have a huge Polish community in the metro Detroit area, and in Hamtramck, Michigan even have a Paczki Day Parade.

Learn more about the paczki here.

I have never seen a Paczki in the Triangle or even heard one mentioned, but maybe one positive of all the northerners moving down here will be that it becomes more a part of our culture.

Because I really want to eat one right now.

No, this post had nothing to do with the environment :)


  1. A Paczki sounds good! After some Perogies and Kielbasa. :-) Maybe we need a grassroots group to work on getting a Paczki shop for the region?

  2. Hi - I found this blog by googling "paczki, north carolina" - I'm a fellow Michigan transplantee, and was hoping you found a Paczki source in the Triangle somewhere!

  3. I am also a Michigan transplant, from Bay City, where the everyone is Polish Irish or German and everyone eat Paczki. I am also looking for someplace to get some great Paczki in Greensboro

  4. Me too - from MI and want a paczki, but none to be found here in Asheville. Not a happy Paczki Day...

  5. Seems like at least once a year someone stumbles across this blog. I'm from MI too and was trying to find a paczki in the Triangle.