Cool Cities has really arrived!

One of the best signs a progressive movement is gaining steam in North Carolina is when the John Locke Foundation starts sniping at you.

Well I guess we're there then since global warming denier Donna Martinez seems to be unhappy that she now lives in the Cool City of Hillsborough.

With eight cities large and small signed on, four in the immediate pipes, and ongoing efforts in many others the bad news for our JLF buddies is that most of the elected officials in our state are way ahead of them. And it's a bipartisan thing too, with one Republican mayor in the western part of the state signed on and another about to come, in addition to many more nationally. So you can't even write off the actions local governments are taking as liberal Democratic things.

Global warming is real. But if some folks still want to waste their time disputing the science, then the more power to them.

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