Interesting work from some UNC students

Last night while watching the baseball Tar Heels beat High Point I read an article in Blue&White, a top notch UNC student publication, about an interesting company some new soon to be alums are starting up:

Charles Schutte, Ryan Bailey and Andrew Satten, seniors at UNC-CH, are starting a Chapel Hill-based company called Carolina Carbon Consulting (CCC). They will target the residential and small business sectors to assist them in reducing carbon emissions.

They decided to target the business and residential sectors because they have gotten the least attention in the past few years, as the town and University have focused on government and campus energy issues first.

"Town Hall and the University have already started to sign on to CRed. We want to try and include small businesses and residential areas, too," Schutte said.

The goal is to create cooperation between businesses, individuals and government in tackling carbon reduction. Right now, CCC is working on a case study at Squid's Restaurant, looking for energy inefficiencies and consulting them on general ways they can lower their carbon emissions.

Their professor is Doug Crawford-Brown who has been giving us some good assistance in getting inventories done in our new Cool Cities, so I'm confident that it will be a success. If you know anyone in small business, you should have them give CCC a call!

Speaking of Cool Cities, Flat Rock has become our 15th in North Carolina and Orange County has become the first county to endorse the agreement as well.

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