How can kids help out in their schools?

Next week I'm returning to East Millbrook Magnet Middle School, where I visited in January, to talk to the students about the Cool Cities program. I'll be explaining how it works and encouraging them to write letters to their local City Councils urging them to adopt the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

Another thing I'm going to talk about while there is what things they can do on their own in their school to operate in a more sustainable way- both on the individual level and collectively as a building.

Any suggestions? I am looking forward to working again with these great kids and their teacher Ms. Grybosky.

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  1. The Maine Sierra Club has been working hard to get parents who are picking up kids to quit idling their cars. (Cut air pollution, cut CO2 emissions, save gas)

    You could ask how many students have CFLs in their rooms.