Thank you to all who came out to the Charlotte Hearing!


With all the good news coming out of Senator Dole’s office this afternoon, I would be remiss not to say thanks to local Charlotte officials Nancy Carter and Mecklenburg Co. Commission Chair, Jennifer Roberts, represented by Henk Jonker both of whom spoke in opposition to Site C. Past County Commissioner Lloyd Scher spoke eloquently as well, as did 70-80 others.
Apparently word did get back to Washington about the almost 400 people who turned out opposing the proposed location of the OLF next to famed Pocosin Lakes Wildlife Refuge in Washington and Beaufort counties.

I have just had a great, big thank-you-call from Doris Morris of the down-east No-OLF crowd that journeyed to Charlotte for the hearing. She wanted me to thank everyone here for showing up and supporting their 5 year effort to halt the Navy’s proposed incursion into their farms and treasured refuge.

Really enjoyed getting to know these people. Sisters Wanda and Theresa who trailered the mock jet all the way to the Convention Center where it served as the center piece for several TV stories. Not to be outdone, the boys from Manning Farms, brothers Buster and Maurice with their Dad, Mr. Manning, Sr. brought dozens of No-OLF signs and their beautiful stuffed tundra swan which they displayed prominently throughout the hearing. After it was all over around 10:30, our visitors climbed aboard their bus and headed back east. Most didn’t see bed until sunrise.

So it’s a wonderful thing to hear Senator Dole has decided to join with these good folks in cultivating and conserving some of our goodliest land.

To be rather than to seem.

Chatham Olive

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