Black Mountain Public Transportation

It drives me nuts when someone tells me their community is too small to necessitate public transportation.

I may be particularly partial to it because I rely on it to get to work every day, but there are two reasons I think just about any area should have the infrastructure to support it at least in some form:

1) The obvious environmental benefits: giving folks the chance to shy away from the single occupancy vehicle if they so desire.

2) Affordability: like it or not, some folks just can't afford cars. They still deserve to be able to get around to where they work, shop, etc.

I was nonetheless somewhat surprised when I saw someone getting off the bus to go to work in downtown Black Mountain Friday morning.

I was curious so I just went up and asked her about it. She told me that she lives in Asheville and works as a waitress in Black Mountain. She said she doesn't make much money, but that she enjoys where she works so she keeps with it. She doesn't own a car.

The bus doesn't run very often, but often enough for her to use it get to work and then back home.

It's part of a larger Buncombe County public transportation system so Black Mountain isn't doing this in a vacuum, but still, I am sure there are several places across the state that would have enough demand to support a small transit infrastructure that aren't doing it now.

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