Join the Revolution!

Speaking of Revolutions.....if you don't think you can join the Veggie Revolution, try the Slow Food one....

The NC Sierra Club is part of a partnership program led by the Carolina Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) at NC State called NC Choices. This program works to encourage sustainable-food production systems that are profitable to farmers, protect the environment and create a variety of healthy food choices for consumers.

CEFS and NC Choices is hosting a series of events next week which feature Carlo Petrini founder of the international Slow Food movement. The Slow Food philosophy is one that promotes the idea that the food we eat should taste good, should be produced in a clean way that does as little damage as possible to the environment, should uphold animal welfare, human health and ensures that those involved in the production of this food receive fair compensation for their work. There will be a picnic Tuesday, May 22 to honor Carlo Petrini called "Farm-to-Fork". It will pair some of the Triangle Area's most acclaimed chefs with local farmers to whip up a variety of yummy, sustainable and "slow food" around! Check here for more information on these events.

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