Outings Summary

Bill Kloepfer, one of the Sierra Club's long time leaders, led a group of us on a tour of Eastern North Carolina hotspots this afternoon.

His choices were great. I particularly enjoyed the Scuppernong River Boardwalk in Columbia. Meagan Honnold and I saw all sorts of wildlife walking around on it- nice things like lizards, salamanders, and turtles and not so nice (at least as far as we were concerned!) snakes! We saw three different sets of snakes, some of which were very big and very close to us. I'm sure they were perfectly innocuous but if we wanted to let ourselves get all stressed out about it I suppose that's our perogative.

Thanks Bill for a great tour of some of eastern North Carolina's most beautiful spots.

This was one of just six outings over the weekend, all of which I heard were very good. Eight people from the Cypress Group helped in planning and leading them and folks from the Neuse River Foundation, Pettigrew State Park, the Palmetto Peartree Preserve, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service all went out of their way to be helpful as well. Thank you to everyone who worked on the outings!

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  1. Tom, actually I think we saw five-lined skinks, not salamanders.