Keynote Speech: The environmental implications of animal products

The keynote speech is being delivered by Sally and Sara Kate Kneidel, a mother/daughter team that authored Veggie Revolution.

They are talking about how animal products make carbon dioxide. Things like the clearing of forests to raise feed for livestock and the clearing of forests to make room to graze for livestock are primary culprits.

There are also a lot of emissions related to the transportation of animal products.

Methane is also created, from fermentation in livestocks rumens and from livestock waste.

Chemical fertilizers and leguminous feedstocks result in the production of nitrous oxide.

There are major land use implications as well. 90% of agriculture land is used for things related to the raising of livestock. We are running out of land.

The amount of land that sustains 10 meat eaters could sustain 100 plant eaters.

Cattle grazing is allowed on many public lands.

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