Keynote Speech: The solution to the problem

Sally and Sara Kate Kneidel are now going to move on to discussing the solutions to the problem of environmental degradation caused by the production of animal products.

They say the solution is a 'local food system.' When food travels an average of 45 minutes, carbon dioxide emissions are 5 to 17 times lower. These small farms are happening in North Carolina at places like Warren Wilson and Cane Creek farms.

On these small farms animals are free to ramble and run, socialize, build nests, forage and roll in the mud- it was like the idyllic 'Old McDonald's' farm.

This is better for the animals and for the land.

Small and local farms are greener- no waste management problems, no airborne ammonia, fewer greenhouse gases.

Animal products are then healthier for the consumer.

This model can be profitable- Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project prove it.

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