Tidbits from the week

Apologies for the slow posting this week- while it's been a frenetic one for Molly and Christa down at the legislature, it's been a pretty slow one for me.

So tying up some loose ends:

-The Winston-Salem City Council unanimously gave its blessing to the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement at its meeting Monday night. Mayor Allen Joines had already signed it but wanted the rest of his Council to show support for it as well. Winston-Salem is taking this seriously- they've already joined ICLEI to get their inventory done. We are planning to formally honor them as a Cool City sometime in June.

-Charlotte has the opportunity to be next on the Cool Cities list at its City Council meeting Tuesday night. If you live there, please contact your elected officials and tell them this is the right thing to do. If you have questions contact Chatham in our Charlotte office at chatham.olive 'at' sierraclub.org

-A really nice article about Robbie Cox in today's Daily Tar Heel.

-I'm headed out later today to do some work in the mountains today and tomorrow before Meagan and Schorr's wedding on Sunday.

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