Global Warming could carry a big price tag in North Carolina

At least that's what a report released today by a variety of economists at North Carolina universities found.

From the N&O:

The group concluded that the state's low-lying coastline makes it especially vulnerable to erosion and hurricanes if, as projected, sea levels rise from one to three feet over the next 25 to 75 years. The researchers project private property losses in the billions of dollars as a result of higher sea levels and more destructive hurricanes.

In addition, the study authors said coastal industries, including recreational fishing and beach tourism, would also be hit hard by higher sea levels and hurricanes. They projected that hurricanes could cause $157 million in damages per storm by 2080.

Check out the full story here, and the report here.

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  1. I strongly recommend your careful reading of The Skeptical Environmentalist. Long term alarmists, hiding behind the facade of skilled scientific work are the most dangerous of all species.