Two new Cool Cities

Fletcher and Black Mountain have joined the program, bringing the number of Cool Cities in North Carolina to 18.

Fletcher has curbside recycling despite its small size.

Black Mountain signed on in April, and its Planning Director informs me they already have a laundry list of 'Cool Cities' related initiatives:

-Partnered with WNC Green Building Council on a grant to promote green building.

-Conducting local workshop series for contractors and developers on green approaches and technologies

-Have adopted Phase II stormwater regulations that go beyond State minimums and encourage Low Impact Development approaches

-Have installed rain garden and stormwater retention demonstration sites in a municipal parking lot and public park

-Partnered with local colleges and a nonprofit to install education signage on water quality protection and stormwater

-Working with State Water Resources and local Pigeon River Fund on stream enhancement project in conjunction with a greenway

-Developing a comprehensive pedestrian master plan that includes sidewalks and greenways

-Have permitted a local biodiesel pump for Blue Ridge Biofuels

-Are introducing alternative powered vehicle into fleet and researching other alternative fuel technologies for Town use

-Are participating in the EPA’s “Change-a Light-bulb” initiative

-Have conducted energy audits on Town buildings to look at retrofits

-Have installed solar power on Town radio tower

It's great these towns have signed the Mayor's Agreement, it's even better to see how much good work they're doing!

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