Feeling the love once again from the John Locke Foundation

I've blogged a couple times before about how the John Locke Foundation does not like the Cool Cities program.

They're at it again this week!

They describe Raleigh becoming a Cool City as 'a major victory of the global warming alarmists' in this post.

We'll certainly wear that as a badge of honor!

And the Triad JLF guy is whining about the possibility of Greensboro becoming a Cool City.

Thanks JLF! Your opposition helps our cause.


  1. I thought the John Locke Foundation loved anything that saved taxpayers money. So why don't they support energy efficiency programs again? They need to get their positions consistent with their rhetoric.

  2. Did anyone tell them that Pat McCrory, the GOP mayor of Charlotte is part of the Cool Cities' executive committee?

  3. I like that they are scared of record-keeping. Only people scared of keeping records are those with something to hide.