Greensboro Coliseum Retrofits

I promised last week that I would spend some time discussing what Greensboro's doing as it works toward its Cool Cities goals and I'll start today by showcasing what is quite frankly my favorite project in the state.

Other than going to Cool Cities meetings, the main thing I go to Greensboro for is basketball games at the Greensboro Coliseum. I imagine that's true for a number of people across the state. That's why I think it is absolutely awesome that the city is using retrofits to make the Coliseum a model of sustainability.

It is receiving energy-efficient lighting system retrofits, water conserving plumbing fixtures and major upgrades to its HVAC system.

These measures are expected to reduce electricity consumption by a quarter and cut natural gas use in half. The city estimates that these changes will cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1,700 tons a year.

The cost of these changes is four million dollars, which will be paid for by the net energy savings of the facility.

Way to go Greensboro! More on what the city is doing later this week.

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