More of what Greensboro is doing to be cool

Here are some more of the initiatives, beyond what I wrote yesterday about the Greensboro Coliseum, that the city is undertaking as part of its Cool Cities commitment:

-In recent years, the City has increased its funding for public transit to make it usable by all City residents and visitors. In the past year alone, the Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA) transported nearly 3 million riders to their destinations.

-The City has been an active participant in the creation and sponsorship of the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART). PART enhances the quality of all forms of transportation for every citizen through efficient use and protection of Greensboro’s natural, economic and human resources.

-In order to cut down on the amount of greenhouse gases produced by the City of Greensboro, methane gas produced as a byproduct of waste at the City’s landfills is sold and then converted to “green energy.”

-The City is working to provide City buildings with more efficient lighting and HVAC systems to conserve energy. Other efforts include installation of motion-sensitive lighting, programmable lights and thermostats, more efficient lights and ballasts and the use of Energy Star equipment and appliances.

-The City uses sustainable building practices to reduce the strain on the environment. All new fire department facilities are constructed using sustainability techniques. In addition, the City’s Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library supports the City’s stance on the environment by carrying the theme of environmental awareness and education throughout the interior of the library through books and activities.

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