North Carolina League of Municipalities Conference: the Odd Happenings

While the feedback to the Cool Cities program and the work we're doing across the state was overwhelmingly positive, there were some interesting reactions:

-The Mayor of one coastal community who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty informed me that our program did not apply to his community because they don't have any greenhouse gas emissions! Didn't seem like there was much point fighting with him on that one since there were other people waiting to talk to me.

-Two Council members from a Western Piedmont community that will also remain nameless came by to ask me about the program. When I explained it to them, one pointed to the other and said 'he has a lot of emissions and they stink!' Then they moved on. Glad to see the maturity.

-I pointed out to the town administrator of a mountain community today that his town was completely surrounded by Cool Cities. He said he didn't buy global warming and that when he began his career the liberals were coming and asking him to take care of global cooling...don't think they'll be joining in!

The other 200 or so conversations I had were very positive!

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