Three new Cool Cities!

At the North Carolina League of Municipalities Conference I found out about three new Cool Cities, increasing the number in our state from 27 to 30 and giving us the fourth most in the country!

While I was making my sales pitch on Cool Cities to the Town Manager of Tryon, he informed me they had signed six months ago when they received the joint letter about Cool Cities from Pat Smathers of Canton and Jimmy Harris of Brevard! They just hadn't told us.

Then I ran into Mayor Bob Austell of Cherryville. We had talked on the phone last month and he told me they were on board but just hadn't sent the paper work to the League of Municipalities yet.

This morning Mayor Barbara Cotten of Oak City told me she had responded to a letter I sent her in July about Cool Cities telling me she wanted her town to join in but that she hadn't heard back from us! We've been having some problems with our mail in the office and I never got it. The simple solution? She just filled out the sign on form right then and there!

Tryon is the first Cool City in Polk County, Oak City is the first Cool City in Martin County, and Cherryville is the second Cool City in Gaston County. Congratulations to our new and geographically well distributed Cool Cities!

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