Duke's Nuclear Costs Will Remain Secret

To continue the topic of the previous post... Since 2005, opponents of nuclear power have repeatedly asked state regulators to make Duke Energy reveal the costs of its proposed nuclear plant in Cherokee County, South Carolina, which lies just on the border of NC. Customers from NC would use most of the energy and pay most of the costs of construction.

But regulators ruled today that potential costs - which, again it must be noted, NC customers will have to pay - are Duke's trade secret. From the News & Observer:

The N.C. Utilities Commission agreed with the Charlotte electric utility that the estimated cost of a proposed nuclear plant is a "trade secret" under North Carolina law...

Nuclear opponents have asked state regulators in North and South Carolina to force Duke to disclose its cost estimate, contending the public should not be deprived of this vital information on a decision of such magnitude to the state.

The costs of the plant won't be revealed for at least another six months; it could be much longer if Duke continues negotiations with various parties involved. Duke expects the plant to be operational in 2018.

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