Cost of Nuclear in NC?

Interesting story ran in the News and Observer about the cost of new nuclear plants, specifically one in SC that would feed both the Carolinas. Here's a taste:

Nuclear opponents are trying to force Duke Energy of Charlotte to disclose the projected cost of a proposed nuclear plant in Cherokee County, S.C., that would serve the Carolinas. The groups have asked officials in both states to require that Duke disclose the estimate. South Carolina regulators are expected to rule on the request today. North Carolina regulators could decide as early as Tuesday.

"If you want the ratepayers to pay for something, are you going to tell them it's none of their business?" said C. Dukes Scott, South Carolina's consumer advocate, who represents the public in utility rate cases.

Again, we get to see Jim Rogers use his legendary, note-worthy double talk. Duke Energy admits the estimates of operating costs given in February were inaccurate. But now their operation costs are "confidential" when in February they weren't. Hmm...

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