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With the Carolina Parakeet in mind, read this article on John James Audobon by the New Republic.

It looks not only at the objective toll of extinction but also at the psychological effects the daily loss of numerous species had on one great conservationist, and by proxy the rest of us.

You've probably visited the award-worthy Dot Earth by Andrew Revkin of the New York Times. There is another excellent resource out there to find great environmental info, the meta-blog: ScienceBlogs - Environment. It keeps a running tally of the latest blog entries - all financed by Seed Magazine - that have to do with the environment.

Also, take a look at the Wall Street Journal's Environment Blog, Environmental Capital.

If you have the time, listen to this interesting inteview with Romesh Ratnesar, deputy managing editor of Time Magazine (audio interview), wherein he discusses that publication's new way of framing the environmental debate, and calls the national priority in tackling climate change analogous to the challenge of WWII or the Great Depression. The interview asks the question: 'Is the magazine's stance 'objective' or is it 'advocacy?'

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  1. Forgot to say: for coverage of the Time Magazine Global Warming Issue, visit the blog 'Framing Science.'