Energy Saver - Your Box Fan

As suggested by a reader of our blog and an illustrious member of our Capital Group, we offer this tip on energy conservation:

"Here is a description of a simple technique that reduces the amount of electricity we use. It works best in the spring, early summer and fall.

"Your first step is to purchase a 20" box fan. Then either late at night (usually 10:30p.m.) or early in the morning (usually 6:30a.m.) turn on the weather channel or your computer and see what the outside temperature is. If the temperature is 70 degrees or lower put the fan in the window, turn it to the high setting and either push air into or draw outside air through the house.

"If possible let the fan run for an hour. You will notice your thermostat fall by four or five degrees. It only takes a minute to glance at the outside temperature and put the fan in the window.

"When we do this our main air conditioning unit does not come on until three or four in the afternoon instead of ten or eleven in the morning. Our house is 1,900 square feet. This technique reduces our electric bill by $70 per month and we do this six months during the year.

"This fan procedure has certainly saved us a lot of money. The money you save is your own! The environment we save is our own!"

Marvin Woll
Raleigh, NC

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