Conserve Online

At the Nature Conservancy's new interactive sight (http://conserveonline.org/), interested parties can publish their conservation work, check out an extensive library, and join or create specific workspaces.

One can peruse conservation efforts locally, across the US, and internationally. From their "About" page:

ConserveOnline is a "one-stop" online, public library, created and maintained by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with other conservation organizations. The library makes conservation tools, techniques, and experience available to a broad community of conservation practitioners. This site is intended to foster learning and collaboration, and provide information and support to anyone making conservation-related decisions, from the staff of conservation organizations to land managers at government agencies to local land trusts to private landowners. Through discussion groups and information sharing, ConserveOnline is an open forum for sharing successes and failures, and for connecting scientific research with field-based conservation practice.

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