Pricey Harrison grabs Grist coverage

NC State Representative Pricey Harrison (Dem) introduced into the House potential legislation that would ban the burning of coal gathered from mountain tops. You can check out the coverage at Grist, one of the country's foremost environmental sites:

If it passes, North Carolina would become the first state in the nation with such a law.

The mining method isn't practiced in North Carolina, but 61 percent of the state's power comes from coal; North Carolina is second only to Georgia in the amount of MTR-mined coal it burns. According to Appalachian Voices, a group devoted to ending the controversial and destructive mining practice, 13 power plants in North Carolina buy coal from mountaintop-removal mine sites. Most of it comes from nearby West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Rep Harrison has been a staunch advocate for smart, foresighted legislation, and has been a key member in protecting North Carolina's environment. Here's hoping the bill finds the necessary support in the House.

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