Sierra Club volunteer has ideas on reducing fuel prices

This nation faces an extremely significant problem with rising fuel prices. It is time for us to make a small sacrifice in order to have an affect on this problem.

In the early 1970's when we had a gas shortage we lowered the speed limit on the interstate highways to 55 mph. Implementing a similar policy at this time would help us use less gas and thus help reduce our energy consumption. We should immediately reduce the speed limit on our interstates to 60 mph.

At 60 mph the average trip from Raleigh to Wilmington would only be increased by a few minutes. Surely this is the very least we can do to lower the price of gas.

Millions of low and middle income people are struggling to make ends meet because of the high price of gas. With a little less speed and a little more patience we could go a long way toward helping solve some of our energy problems.

Marvin Woll
Raleigh, NC

P.S. If you have energy saving techniques you use at home would you please send them to: alan.wolf@newsobserver.com


  1. Marvin, while I applaud your efforts, it will only be as effective as those who abide by the law. Even at the current 70mph on the Raleigh to Wilmington trip, I'm all too often one of the slower motorists on the road. To think that those drivers who currently exceed the limit will magically start to abide is unrealistic.

  2. You people at the Sierra Club make me cringe. Lowering the speed limit in North Carolina will gurantee more accidents and more speeding tickets. This will cost citizens of the state more money than the un-proven effort to conserve petrol which failed in the 1970s.