GHG Emissions somewhat "terminated" in California

By now, you've most likely heard about the legislature in California proposing the most comprehensive emissions standards in the country (30% of state emissions slashed by 2020). If not, check it out here (Wallstreet Journal), here (Los Angeles Times), here (Reuters UK), and here (AFP). Hopefully, this bold move will set a precedent soon to be followed across the US (and, cross your fingers, here in the Southeast, which - were it a country - would be the seventh largest GHG contributor in the world).

Under Gov Schwarzenneger, California has a reputation for quick and decisive environmental action, which is often highlighted by reluctant federal leadership. But what isn't getting press (not that much anyways) is that this act sets California ahead of the curve economically. In fact, economists predict that in light of these new rules, California will have 1% greater economic growth (compared to business as usual) by 2020 if it enables this legislation.

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