GHG Emissions somewhat "terminated" in California, Part II

From Wired:

"Setting California ahead of the curve on global warming will give our state a competitive advantage," said Mary Nichols, chair of the Air Resources Board. (Check out this Wired blog of how California decided to slash its emissions)

Backing up, let's take a look at what lurks under the waters of this West Coast initiative:
  1. A "cap-and-trade" system, wherein the state would grant a limited number of permits (i.e. cap) for carbon emissions to industry. The titans then buy and sell (i.e. trade) said permits.
  2. Renewables will power 1/3 of the state's grid.

What does this mean for North Carolina? Well, if anything, at least legislators will have a model to help craft state policy. And it seems common sense that a program where, "the savings...outweigh the costs" would work just as well here.

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