Drought Part Deux

In 07-08, North Carolina endured its worst drought ever, and the response is still being measured (at least at WaterWiki, if not the General Assembly). 56 counties fit the profile of extreme, severe, or exceptional drought.

Looking forward, North Carolina should make changes to its 600+ water systems to ensure healthy rivers, lakes, and watersheds to support fish and other aquatic wildlife as well as recreation.

In a state where leaks can account for as much as 30% of all water loss in certain communities, opponents of water efficiency measures erroneously characterized (or misunderestimated) the issue as one of property rights, but as former governor Mike Easley put it at a press conference I attended, "you might own your driveway but you don't own I-40."

Apparently, citizens are right back at pre-drought water level usage, and this is precisely the reason why efficiency mandates need to be institutionalized. When asked to, people conserve, but reality has made it clear that we need more stringent water policies. It looks like the 07-08 drought might become the 07-09 drought.

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