Climate Change: The Pricetag

Today, in the Big Money, Eric Pooley discussed how journalists cover the economics of climate change. His main point: while the media tends to report a widespread scientific consensus on climate change - i.e. it's happening, it's man-made, and that we'd better reduce our emissions - they tend to downplay any economic consensus on the monetary costs of climate change.

Pooley calls on journalists to stop treating junk forecasts and industry PR campaigns like they are credible and scientific.

What I like about the piece is its candidness - Pooley doesn't pull any punches. He calls on journalists to tell the climate story like eminent economists see it. How do those economists see the costs of climate change? A science-based domestic climate policy will not be nearly as challenging as the recent economic meltdown; said cost, however, will rise the longer we wait to take action. [economists listed in Pooley's article]

Action on climate change will not be easy, but it is doable. See what Sierra Club member have decided as our climate priorities.

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