PCS Phosphate Mine on the Pamlico

Above, you'll see photos our State Director took from above the current mining operation and the proposed area.
North Carolinians who value the remarkable natural heritage surrounding the Albermarle-Pamlico Sound are looking to EPA to protect valuable wetlands and primary fish habitat after the Army Corps of Engineers failed to intervene in a planned expansion by PCS Phosphate of a mining operation in Eastern North Carolina. At stake are 4000 acres of wetlands and nearly five miles of tidal creeks and streams, including designated primary fishing habitat, along the Pamlico River in Beaufort County.

NC Sierra Club, represented by Southern Environmental Law Center is among the groups challenging the flawed permit issued by the NC Division of Water Quality which would allow the single largest destruction of wetlands in the state’s history.

EPA has called the impacts “unacceptable” and has elevated proposed mining expansion for national review. The question now is if EPA will exercise its authority to veto some or all of PCS’s proposal.

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  1. The Jacksonville Country Club is getting close to half a million dollars to restore a stream that runs through their property. This is a private country club. I wonder who in state government is a member. Check it out on NCOpenBook.