Coastal Conversation

Last night in Chapel Hill, a bunch of scientists, former Secretaries of DENR and concerned environmental groups met to talk about the future of North Carolina's coast. Prognosis: not looking so good.

For an excellent rundown of the night's proceedings, check out this BlueNC recap. For an article explaining just what's going on, head on over to the N & O and read the article Caving in on our coast.

Most importantly, too continue the conversation held last night, the organizations involved have put together coastalconversation.com, which is intended as a public repository of all info on science-based coastal management in NC. There, folks are encouraged to answer the question: What’s your vision for what North Carolina needs to do to keep its beaches open and natural for the future?

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  1. The Jacksonville Country Club is getting close to half a million dollars to restore a stream that runs through their property. This is a private country club. I wonder who in state government is a member. Check it out on NCOpenBook.