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SEPA is the State Environmental Policy Act and it is rarely triggered, but it needs to be for Titan Cement. It ensures that permits are not granted piecemeal, but that all relevant agencies will have their concerns heard before any permits are granted.

SEPA is triggered when the following conditions are met: (1) state permitting is needed for the project (2) the project will have significant environmental impact, and (3) public money has been accepted by the company. All of these conditions apply to Titan.

Titan doesn't want SEPA and is saying that even though they accepted $4,000,000 in public money, it doesn't apply because technically it is a reduction in taxes after the project is completed. DENR originally determined that SEPA applied, but has since decided that it does not. Titan has at least eight lobbyists in Raleigh working to get their air permit , and we need people from across the state to call Governor Perdue and insist that this project must still be subject to SEPA review. No air permit should be granted until all state agencies have had an opportunity to state their concerns.

Her number in Raleigh is 919-733-5811.

But she needs to hear from citizens across the state. Regional Governor's office numbers are:
New Bern: 252-514-4825
Asheville: 828-251-6160
Charlotte: 704-330-5290

Thank you for your help -- if you have any questions, please email me or call me 910-313-0498.

Janice Wilson
Chair, Cape Fear Group


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