Brick by Brick for Conservation

Fun Fact: Buildings consume over 40% of our energy, 71% of our electricity, and emit 37% of all greenhouse gases!

This is why environmental regulations on commercial and residential buildings are so important. It is clear that energy consumption needs to be controlled and North Carolina cities and municipalities are beginning to realize this. In the North Carolina General Assembly this week, an act was filed that will allow Carrboro to adopt the 2012 NC Energy Conservation Code. This is great news! Carrboro's initiative with this proposal will result in tremendous energy savings for homeowners and businesses within the area.

About the 2012 NC Energy Conservation Code:
This code aims to increase energy efficiency by 15% in residential areas and 30% in commercial areas where there is new construction. Implementation of this code will result in North Carolina, on the whole, saving between $50 to $70 million per year in energy savings alone for homeowners and businesses. Interestingly enough, the payback period for this proposal is only roughly 2 to 8 years which yields an annual rate of return on the investment of 14% to 47%.

It's safe to say that businesses across the state of North Carolina will benefit from the NC Energy Conservation Code. As the code becomes more popular, as seen in the recent filing request for building codes for Carrboro, the success of this proposal will be widespread.

Building codes with conservation in mind: We can't complain!

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