Repurposing, its simple!

So, have you ever wondering what you were going to do with your outdated technology? Sure, we encourage recycling, but why not repurpose first? Turn your old floppy disks (whatever those things are) into a bag, your cassette tapes into ipod covers, old ear buds into speakers, a seldom used blender into a lamp, or those useless road maps (thanks gps) into a basket! These projects are great for the environment and tons of fun for the average do-it-yourselfer!

Actually, repurposing is gaining popularity on national level as well. Yellowstone National Park is taking the discarded plastic bottles of over 3.5 million visitors per year and turning them into artificial turf! While, its better to avoid plastic bottles in the first place, we can appreciate the "repurposing" of these containers!

Remember, repurposing is not limited to DIY websites. So, be creative and think of something to repurpose today!

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