Get Your Enviro-Action On!

With Earth Day right around the corner, its time to get your environmental action on! Check our website here for information on environmental topics that are at the top of the North Carolina Sierra Club's priority list! We could use your help in contacting your representatives to let them know that environmental agendas must be taken seriously in the state of North Carolina.

Another way to get involved is through local volunteer activities. Wake County will serve as host to the 9th Annual Neuse River Cleanup on Saturday April 2nd, 2011 from 8am to 2pm. For more information about this event, including registration and sponsor information, check out their website.

Better yet- maybe its time to make a life change! The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at North Carolina State University has recently created a 'Job Board' where environmental and related jobs are listed, and the best part is, its not just for students! What better way to get in the environmental spirit than to devote an entire career to the field? The NCSU website can be found here.

Another great way to support environmental efforts is to purchase an environmentally friendly vehicle! Easy enough right? Moreover, are you tired of people teasing you about your 'manly' Prius? For those of you who have around $845,000 to drop on the latest hybrid vehicle, Porsche is now accepting orders for its 918 Spyder hybrid that boasts a tops speed of 199 mph, but also is amazingly fuel efficient at a staggering 78 mpg! "Hot Hybrid" pictures can be found here. We encourage you to just go ahead and buy the new Porsche, let's just call it a splurge or an impulse buy. Don't worry, we can justify it through its environmental friendliness, right?

So, with that, make sure you take the time to make some environmental changes today- volunteer, apply, but most importantly let your voice be heard by your representatives. We value our North Carolina environmental advocates, and we want our representatives to do the same!

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