Wind Turbines: A Bird's Best Friend?

With the increasing popularity of wind energy throughout the United States, we are seeing more and more wind turbines come up across the nation. These turbines, are frequently met with opposition and are often credited with the destruction of local bird populations. A new study published in the Journal of Ornithology, however, reveals the true bird killers: cats.

Yes, that's right, your dear kitty, Miss. Princess, and many more of her kind kill over 500 million (yes MILLION) birds each year! Whereas these extremely "destructive" wind turbines that apparently massacre bird populations, interestingly enough, only seem to kill around 440,000 birds per year. Turbines definitely do more good than harm and ornithologists simply encourage habitat consciousness when installing the turbines to ensure that they are not interfering with migration patterns or nesting grounds.

As it turns out, our beloved household felines may be more predatory than we realize. And not to be technical, but cats are also classified as an invasive species within the United States. So, the next time someone tries to argue the bird killing qualities of wind turbines, simply suggest an invasive species eradication policy to be enacted. Kill the kittens and save the birds- that should shut them up!

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