Make this holiday season eco-friendly

Save money and the environment:
Invest in energy star qualified battery chargers: Electronics powered with energy star qualified chargers conserve 35 percent more energy than regular chargers. Get rid of old chargers by recycling them through manufacturers and retailers that have nation wide electronic recycling programs.

Energy Star Products: Shoppers can locate computers, monitors, and printers with Energy Star qualifications. A home fully dependent on Energy Star equipment can save around $380 over the lifetime of the product.

Entertainment with Energy Star approval: Televisions and Blue-ray disc players often can be found Energy Star qualified. These machines use 25 percent less energy than unqualified models.

Lighting up the house for the holiday: Look for Energy Star approval on LED string lights. These Energy Star acclaimed lights use about 70 percent less energy than incandescent lighting. Not only will they save one energy but they are also shock resistant, more durable, and cooler to the touch.

Recycle old electronics: New electronic gift? Research ways and places to recycle unwanted or outdated electronics. Many times parts of these electronics can be reused again and again.

Bring your own shopping bags: Rather than adding numerous plastic and paper shopping bags to the land fill, bring reusable bags on shopping trips; they are environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

Reuse and wrap: Don't spend money on buying wrapping paper for gifts, try using recycled paper and keep excess trash out of the landfills.

Water efficiency during the holidays: Holiday time encourages guests which equals more dishes and additional clean up; be mindful of the water used while cleaning dishes and preparing meals. Running the tap continuously can use up to two gallons of water each minute.

Capture the memories: Rather than using a disposable camera, use your own camera to reduce waste while taking picture throughout the holidays.

Recycle your Christmas tree: Find a use for your tree after the holidays; plant it in the yard or contact your community waste department to inquire about mulching your tree.

Unplug holiday lights during the day: This will not only save energy but it will make the lights last longer.

Consider hosting a make-your-own decorations party: Create ornaments from old greeting cards, make chains out of popcorn or cranberries, and wreaths from artificial greens and flowers.

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