Carbon Free Transportation

Organic Transit, makers of "the most efficient vehicles on the planet", was founded in 2009 by a few individuals interested in maximizing the efficiency of urban transportation. Rob Cotter, CEO of Organic Transit, is looking to design a vehicle between a car and a bike that can be driven on sidewalks and bike lanes. His design will be solar and pedal electric powered in order to maximize efficiency.
Commuter vehicle models, the "elf" and the "truckette", have been released and are intended for light weight deliveries and passengers, yet the public wants more. Cotter's ideas for the bike could be a huge step in personal urban transportation.

These vehicles have reached an efficiency level of 2370 mpg and can travel over 60 mph. All in all, they are light weight, non-polluting, inexpensive, and extremely practical. Like gas run vehicles, they have lights, turn signals, and automatic transmission. Yet, unlike gas run vehicles, they have a solar electric motor that weighs under 100 pounds. Finally, since these vehicles are legally a bicycle, they require no registration, licence, or insurance.

Organic Transit is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, therefore encouraging the Triangle to be the first to engage in these vehicles!


  1. Thanks for the nice blog about our technology.

    A few quick comments: the entire vehicle weighs under 100 Lbs. To remain legally a bicycle it must remain under 20 MPH on electric power. We've estimated efficiency at 1800 MPG.

    We recently reached 210 orders!

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