Migratory Birds in Danger of Losing their Home

The Pantego Wind Energy Facility is proposed for next year in northeastern North Carolina amounting to 49 turbines all towering to almost 500 feet tall. This project, will consume 11,000 acres residing in Beaufort County, just miles from Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Reserve; this is where the concerns come in. Many migratory birds, including swan and geese, share this space and cross through the area to relocate during the winter months. The main worry is that these turbines, spinning at 100 mph will swat these geese, swan, and even bats out of the air on their migration.

In response to the concerns of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Pantego is conducting bird counts from now until the spring to determine the dangers their wind turbines could potentially cause. Thus far, a few alternative ideas have been addressed in terms of the project. One solution is to provide additional habitats for these birds, another answer would be to eliminate some of the turbines or move them to other locations further away from the birds migration pathways. In the meantime, it is best to put the project on hold until more research is collected and the safety of these birds is assured.

The decision lies with the NC Utilities Commission and hearings on this matter have been scheduled for this Tuesday in Raleigh. Those against the matter will urge the commission to hold off until the potential threats can be assessed. We know the birds feed on the surrounding fields, how is it possible for the birds to be not be harmed in the case that these giant turbines are located in their home?

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  1. What was the outcome of the hearings? I'm all for wind energy, but careful siting of wind farms is essential to their success. Also, I'd be interested to know if/when preliminary results of research on the site will be available to the public.