Political Training this Weekend

The North Carolina Sierra Club will be hosting a political training for group leaders and volunteers this Saturday, February 18th. This training is an excellent opportunity to learn how the Sierra Club can use it's grassroots strength to help with targeted local, state, and federal elections. Volunteers will be trained on how to build a political team, advocate for a candidate, and use tested tactics to "Get out the Vote". With a well trained team we're confident that our campaign efforts will help elect pro-environment candidates in 2012. Please join us!

NC Advocates for Justice
1312 Annapolis Dr # 115
Raleigh, NC 27608
(Off Wade Ave.)

Training Topics:
NC Legislature, the good and bad guys
Identification of key races and targets
NC Sierra Club campaign strategy
Recruiting and building strong political committees and action teams
Best practices to GOTV (phonebanks,direct mail, canvasing etc..)
How to organize a PAC fundraiser
Group strategy and next steps

For more information please email Travis Hargett at Travis.Hargett@sierraclub.org or give him a call at 919-833-8467.

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