Frack-Free NC Lobby Day: The Recap

Yesterday's Frack-Free Lobby Day at the legislature was a huge success--while the Senate Commerce Committee did vote to move forward with SB 820, the "fracking bill," our numbers were strong with around two hundred people from all over North Carolina who showed up to oppose the bill and speak to their legislators. 

Apparently our large contingency must have struck a nerve, as the Commerce Committee meeting to discuss the bill switched locations at the last minute from the larger room in which it was scheduled to occur (which would have fit many of our anti-frack advocates) to a much smaller room, forcing the majority of the lobby day group to wait outside in the lobby while the committee chose to push Rucho's bill to the Senate for another vote.

Even after the result of the Commerce meeting, the biggest message to take away from yesterday's event is: the fight is not over! Even though our legislature may continue to move forward with this bill during this session, there is still hope for the future of North Carolina. 

What you can do:

-Continue to lobby! Talk to your legislators, after all, it is you they are supposed to be representing!

-Organize! Find folks in your area who are also anti-fracking and get in touch with your local Sierra Club chapter.

-VOTE! With General Assembly elections coming up this November, we really need to get moving on supporting and electing candidates who will do what is right for our state and its environment. 

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to have their voice heard!

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