Positive Steps

While we are in the midst of opposing legislation like Senate Bill 820, which would legalize fracking, it is easy to get swept away in negativity. While opposing harmful legislation is important, it's good to take a moment and remember what we are working towards.

David Roberts recently wrote about this struggle to fight for positive change in an article in Grist. In this article, Roberts gives a shout out to the Sierra Club's "Wind Works" Campaign. This campaign strives to protect the Production Tax Credit which helps support American jobs in the wind industry.

Another positive step is the bill introduced by Senators Chris Coons and Jerry Moran in the U.S. Senate which seeks to alter the tax code to allow renewable energy companies to qualify for a tax structure which would help stimulate investment in wind and solar projects. 

Hopefully we will see positive change from these efforts soon. You can click here to encourage Congress to support wind energy by extending the Production Tax Credit.

Stay determined, stay involved, stay positive.

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